Joomla Hosting Coupons & Promo Codes

Joomla Hosting Coupons & Promo Codes

Joomla is yet another popular content management system for developing many types of sites. With Joomla, you will get your site up and running fast and secured without having much coding or technical knowledge on Joomla.

Hosting any kind of Joomla website requirements are met by most of shared hosting plans from web hosting providers. Nowadays almost every web hosting company provides 1 click installation of Joomla to cPanel through Softaculous. Here is a demo of Softaculous:

The Best Joomla Hosting companies offer an easy or automatic Joomla Installation, Joomla optimized servers, Joomla development and required bandwidth and server space and secured server.  Here we recommend best joomla optimized hosting providers:

Web Hosting Comparison : Best Joomla Hosting

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Best 10 Joomla Hosting Providers for Joomla Websites

joomla-hostingThis blog is all about Joomla Hosting Providers written with the goal to help Joomla site owners to find the best hosting. Joomla is a content management system that is very popular these days for many types of sites. With Joomla it is very east to get your site up and running fast, without having to know any coding or other technical stuff at all. This is why Joomla is popular CMS. Meanwhile Finding Joomla webhost is crucial inorder to bring your website online. Let us find out the top Rated Joomla hosts of 2016.

#1 InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting is world’s top hosting provider offers best best joomla hosting services. Their servers are super fast for hosting any complex joomla sites. Visit Inmotion

#2 Bluehost:


Bluehost is world’s best hosting provider to host any kind of complex websites especially they give more importance for CMS websites such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

#3 Bigrock:


Bigrock is one of the top hosting providers in Indian Market has different packages to host your joomla websites.


#4. HostSoch:

hostsoch-logoHostSoch is another leading Indian hosting company offers top class affordable services having various hosting packages to host joomla websites and other CMS built websites.


#5. Znetlive:


Znetlive is an Indian leading hosting provider offers top class hosting services to host any kind of CMS websites.


#6. iPage:


iPage is popular hosting company for startups offers relaible Joomla hosting services.


#7. JustHost:


Justhost is another world’s top hosting provider is best for hosting joomla cms websites.


Compare the 10 Joomla hosting companies, the pricing, features etc here :

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Linux Web Hosting Explained

The last but not the least advantage is the price of Linux hosting, there are many systems that are Linux based and are available in the affordable range in the market. Linux has open source availability so it can be easily purchased and savings can be maintained.hosting2


Every thing has its demerits also like wise Linux hosting also has some demerits in it. Linux hosting can not contain with windows operating system and coding feature. Like ASP coding, modules and extensions that truly belong to Microsoft are hard to run on the environment of Linux. So windows based websites are not hosted on Linux platform.

Although the management of Linux hosting plan are very good, the shell based view of the Linux server can frighten any of its customer. More over the administrator of dedicated web server mostly read ambiguous and lengthy procedure of the performance of admin responsibilities. But greatly the increasing provision of admin cabinet and procedure include Linux server use easy and more available every where.

Technical Benefits:

If you are confused between Linux operating system and Windows operating system then view the development and the code in which site is written will help you in determining the perfect operating system for you. If you are declined towards Linux hosting then you are making the right decision with the advantages and its technical benefits make it low price based hosting with higher reliability and easily available programs and its scripts with control over files and control panel as to utilize the admin power.

On the other hand hosting of windows is easy to start and supports very well and can work smoothly with other applications of windows like SQL ASP, and front page. But if you need a plan for hosting your site then you will find many plans and packages from many hosts. But get some initial knowledge to start with Linux hosting.

More about the Environment of Linux:

As you already know about Linux is called a LAMP, this word is also used for PHP, MYSQL and Apache and for the administrator who chooses Linux hosing. You will get more information on the above statement.

Linux – You will get many other forms of Linux offered by the provider like RedHat, FreeBSD, and many more, Linux offer more operating system under Linux is developed version of Minix standard and after that Kernel released and it is known as the heart of the Linux.

Apache – Apache HTTP server project expand and preserve open source HTTP server as to use for new operating system like UNIX and windows NT. The work of this server is to give protected, competent and capable server that offer HTTP services in agreement with the latest standard of HTTP. And it was found in a survey that around 65% of websites are based on Apache.

MYSQL – IT is the most reliable and used open source database in the world. There are million of sites that that use MySQL as to provide high volume. It is used by press; yahoo, NASA, Suzuki and many more depend over it for its speed and reliability in IT world and other departments of web industry.

PHP and Apache are widely used because they both can work very smoothly on both Linux and windows operating system. Linux involves all the features of other applications, that’s why it always remains in demand.

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Linux Reseller Hosting

Linux reseller hosting is all featured with the approbation to be one of the most effective web hosting plans available. Using this type of hosting, innumerable domains can be easily hosted on the Linux servers. Linux reseller hosting is really affordable and easy to manage and is even accepted and used by a large number of web hosting service providers all across the globe.

resellerThe Linux reseller hosting services to be one among the top hosting plans along with Windows and other famous systems. Reseller hosting having the Linux plan is well liked option among various people and resellers. One of the best features of the Linux host is the fact that it has great amount of ability as far as its speed is concerned. Each hosting program using the Linux system proves to be rich in extra features and is also a cheap way for venturing into the reselling business. The hosting works well with My SQL and PHP scripts as well. The Linux server is known for the dedicated facilities it provides. Being linked with Linux reselling serves to be a good thing for the users as it is really secured. Also, this type of hosting comes with the free software options like APF, Sendmail and Apache.

Because of the Linux server’s high dependability, a large number of businesses and individuals have actually come to have faith in Linux reseller hosting. It is mainly because of good quality of the servers that have actually earned universal appeal among various businesses. There are indeed various plans available from the Linux hosting having different disk space, bandwidth sizes and other additional features.

Some benefits of the Linux reseller hosting include:

State-of-the-art technology with latest equipments such as routers and communicators
Technical problems can be solved easily by using this type of hosting
Linux has also introduced simple proceedings like support and online activation
Linux staff is all committed to offer quality services to clients
Another added benefit of Linux reseller hosting plan is its cost effectiveness. The software product which can be defined as open source, one can access the free software and even download then without any costs. As Linux is even common and more and more web designers use it, there are many hosting service providers that offer the graphic management and easy to navigate control panels. It further makes easier for the people to make alterations with the domain without even learning the technicalities with Linux hosting.

Although Linux servers can not be easy to control and is complex, it is advisable that one evaluates whether the online business will require technologies that are Microsoft powered and is better with the Windows hosting program. As for the developing small based business which can benefit from Linux system’s cost effective value, then the Linux reseller hosting is a smart and reasonable option.

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Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Web Designer

At the earlier stage of hiring a freelance designer, post a job or advertise your available job through the internet describing all your desired services from the freelancer. Also, consider planning a website design and other customization for your website; remember that a site without a proper planning will never be able to reach to its destination.


One of the pre-designing important decisions to make is SEO technique to be used- you must decide how your website design is related to the SEO of your site. However, you may consider before or after the website design. Consider someone who can do the on-page SEO works along with the website design, but make sure that he/she begins and ends the project in time. Nevertheless, remember that you should consider an ongoing SEO activity for your website rather than one time SEO.


Fulltime web designing teams or web designing agencies will cost a lot and they are naturally less flexible in terms of expenses as there are different costs of running an agency or company. They are only good when you are looking for a website renovation. On the other hand, a freelance web designer is flexible, less expensive and self-motivated individuals who can work from anywhere and anytime until the project ends. They are specialized, knowledgeable, and professional in performing a specific web-designing task; this helps them to concentrate on that specific area of website designing.


Most of the web design agencies have different costs to run the business, which increase their service charges. Excessive overhead cost and other supportive activities by the agencies are basic reasons behind their high level of hiring cost. However, they can ensure high quality work within the projected time. Nevertheless, the freelance website designers have no such extra costs and that is why they are much flexible and less costly to work with.

Aid in Maintaining Budget and Cost Control

Usually, most of the web deigning agencies consider working with a very large project which offers them higher money and long-term job opportunity, whereas, the freelancer web designers are more interested in doing smaller projects as they basically work on their leisure. However, the freelance designers do all types and sizes of designing projects as well at very less cost. You will find a freelance web designer helpful if you are also considering the quality, budget & cost of the project at the same time.

A Better Customized Content Management System

CMS allows the website owner to make an addition to website once the site is ready to lunch: normally, this process goes with the customization solution. A freelance website developer can come up with a third party based less expensive website customized service of an ongoing low-cost website maintenance service.

Good Quality

As there are lot of freelance website designers all the individuals try to do their best work to build-up a good online reputation. They always try to satisfy their clients with the best quality work within the given time.

Fresh and Up-to-Date Ideas

Most of the Freelance Designers deals with a lot of situations and demands by their clients, which makes them aware of those any situations and they try to develop a better solution every time they face such type of problem. This is why they are able to come up with a fresh and advanced solution and ideas for any type of problem while designing a website.

Flexibility in working with a Freelance Web Designer

Another benefit of working with a freelance site designer is they are very flexible if any change is necessary or the clients ask for any modification of the work. They can work for the client at anytime from anywhere in the world. The client should also consider the appropriate fees or charges of the freelance web designer if the change or modification is considerable.

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Hire Joomla Developer For Robust CMS Development

It is not so easy to choose the best content management system from the industry. I must say that with changing times and technologies it has become redundant giving place to smarter. If I say it in the better way I must say that there should always be the place for newer ones. A CMS is very much essential and makes the task of selecting a technology platform. It is somewhat extremely daunting for enterprises. Don’t you think that? I must tell you that implementation of particular technology platform is not only about an investment. It is a kind of an investment that calls for valuable time and resources. Moreover it is also about mapping its benefits with the business goals or achievements. It is you who decide the limit of growth for you. Thus it is in your hand what technology you are going to choose. You better hire joomla developer to create an unique and innovative website for your business.

There should be always a question in your mind which CMS you should choose for creating your website? it depends upon your requirements. These questions must apply for almost all the content management systems available in the industry. If you are asking about my personal preference then I must say that out of the many options, Joomla stands out. It is one of the most evolved content management systems we have available in the market.

Here are certain unique features of Joomla:
Joomla has the simplest interface and any one can work on it. To use joomla only basic computer knowledge is enough.
Joomla is the only CMS that offers multilingual support and it also helps in increasing the target audience of a particular website or portal.
Joomla CMS has the provision for allowing multiple users at one time. I must tell you that to work on it simultaneously through multiple user authentications.

Isn’t that great what more can you ask for? You should opt for joomla development services and hire joomla programmer to get the best result.

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Joomla Is Your Own CMS Solution

Joomla has become one of the most powerful open source content management systems on the planet.  Joomla web development is used by millions of people worldwide. The most important thing is that joomla web development is a free open source frame work and content publishing system. It has been designed for creating highly interactive multi-language websites, online communities, media portals, blogs and ecommerce applications.

Joomla can be used to easily manage every aspect of your website, from adding content and images to updating a product catalog, processing credit card payments or taking online reservations. Are you looking for experienced joomla developers? Then you have landed on the right place. We provide joomla programmer to the customers. You can hire Joomla programmer from us at affordable prices. A joomla website is not only good looking but also easy to maintain. You can do so without having such technical knowledge.

If other companies hire Joomla programmer, it means that they will get such great quality joomla development site. It means you are building on an open platform that does not tie you to any one design company, developer or to a proprietary, closed application. The ultimate decision is yours; you own your site and can develop it with anyone you choose. This is one of the huge importances if things begin to go wrong with your current design company. It is our suggestion that you should start using Joomla.

Some of the benefits of having Joomla web development:

Joomla CMS offers the best platform to develop sites that meet all the SEO requirements.
The HTML layout is well shaped with no snuggled tables making it easy to read for flatterers.
We ensure that URL’s do not have any query strings. The URL’s can be of the type Such URL’s are extremely Search engine friendly.
Besides these, Meta keywords can be defined at a global level (across the site) and also at page level. What more can you ask for?

If you want to hire a joomla programmer, then you have to call us and ask for our joomla developers. You can reach us through e-mails and calls. Remember we are just a call away.

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